• In theory, you could use the card for any website that accepts Visa/Mastercard. However, some websites may require Visa/Mastercard for a more advanced card such as credit card, debit card. The cards we sell are Prepaid Visa Card.
  • In addition, the website where you use the card may ask specifically about a few other issues such as: your IP address, your information, your account at that site, the country that issued the card, etc. If you meet their requirements, you can make a successful payment.
  • Whether or not the site accepts cards or has any specific requirements is beyond our ability to intervene. Therefore, please find out and experience it yourself.
Your card will expire in about 5-7 months. You will know the exact expiry date of the card after purchase. Please note: Your card will be revoked 10 days before it expires (Example: If the card has EXP of 09/23, it will be locked & deleted on 20 Sep, 2023).
Unfortunately, our cards are not reloadable, but you may always purchase another one.
Cards are delivered instantly after a successful payment via Perfect Money or bank transfer. If you opt to pay with a cryptocurrency, you have to wait 3 - 6 confirmations in blockchain to get your card.
  • First, make sure you have entered your card information correctly and that the card has sufficient balance. Please look up the transaction history at http://bycard.net/check-card, here it will be clear if the above error is encountered. In addition, other errors will only be reported as a general refusal and do not specify the cause, the error may be caused by:
    • The website you use the card requires a Debit Card or a Postpaid Card (Credit/Debit card). While the card provided by Bycard is a Prepaid card.
    • Website may ask specifically for a few other issues such as: IP address, your information, your account at that site, card issuer country... in accordance with their requirements, you can be successfully paid.
    • On the contrary, if the website suspects that you are cheating (using a fake ip address, inappropriate personal information, 1 person using multiple accounts), suspects the card is not yours, the web only accepts If you receive a card from a certain country...or any other problem that does not meet the requirements of the website, the use of the card will be refused.
  • Please understand, we are the card issuer so we can only guarantee the card is always active until the expiry date. As for whether the site you use accepts tags, and has specific requirements for users - is a matter of that site and is beyond our ability to intervene. Please experience and find out for yourself, or contact the website you use directly to ask the reason.
Yes, refunds are accepted. The refund from a merchant is only possible on the same card which was initially used for payment. The card balance will be increased by the refund amount. The refund operation may take a few business days. Please, prior to proceeding with the refund, make sure you still have enough time before your card 's expiration date. If your card is expired at the time of the refund or you didn't get to spend this money before the expiration date of your card, it will be lost.