About Virtual Credit Cards

Today, payment cards have started to play a far more significant role in our daily life not least because shopping on-line has become almost as common as making purchases in a regular off-line store. Most of us possess this small piece of plastic which, just like an omnipotent key, magically opens the door to the universe of opportunities.

The choice of bank cards is quite wide and varied and navigating them is becoming vital.

Types of Payment Cards

  1. Credit cards. The bank account to which such a card is linked belongs to the card holder and payments using borrowed funds are accepted, so the card account may be in deficit.
  2. Debit cards. These cards are also tied to the bank accounts of their owners but payments are possible only through the funds that the card holders deposited on the account beforehand i.e. the card account balance remains always positive.
  3. Prepaid cards. Such cards are linked to the accounts of their issuers (banks, as a rule) and payments are limited to the amount of money equal to the card nominal value and paid at the time of purchase. This is the only type of cards which may be passed on to third parties since they are not tied to their holders’ accounts. It should be noted that gift cards available on sale in some countries can also be only prepaid.

According to the type of carrier (physical or non-physical), there exist plastic and virtual payment cards.

  • A normal plastic card may be used both on-line and off-line in an ordinary store.
  • Virtual cards don’t have a physical carrier therefore they cannot serve for paying in a regular shop. A virtual card is just a set of data (a card number, an expiration date, a security code and a pin code) that can only be applied to on-line payments.

From the technical standpoint, there is no difference between these two types of cards except for the plastic carrier presence or absence. The issuer services both of them absolutely in the same way and the beneficiary of payment does not see whether the money he gets comes from a virtual or a plastic card.

Bycard Payment Cards

The cards we offer are not actually credit cards. We provide virtual prepaid cards, to be exact. All of them are operated by Visa or Mastercard and issued by banks in the US. (It should be clarified here that the only reason why we apply the term “credit” is the fact that the majority of our clients use the word combination “virtual credit card” in their search on the Internet, not meaning, however, any specific credit to be obtained. In most cases people simply look for “virtual bank card” to be bought on-line).

Thus, Bycard cards are Visa and Mastercard virtual prepaid cards issued by American banks.

Bycard Cards Core Benefits

  1. Full anonymity of use. Bycard cards can be registered in any name, including an imaginary one. As a result, you get an anonymous virtual card. How does it work? Bycard cards support the Address Verification System (AVS) and can be used with any name and any real address. When registering Bycard Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards, no identity verification is performed, no ID or any other documents confirming the name and the address of registration are required. Hence, you can make payments anonymously by buying a card with a fictitious name and any existing address.
  2. Full anonymity of purchase. The Bycard cards anonymity is provided not only by the anonymous registration but also by the anonymous purchasing. You are not supposed to reveal your personal data and may utilize anonymous payment methods (e.g. cryptocurrencies) and thus, avoid the possibility to be associated with your purchased card.
  3. Reliability and legality. All the cards that we offer are issued by banks in the US and Canada and recognized as ordinary (not virtual) prepaid cards when paying with them. Owing to this, you can use Bycard cards for payment worldwide and get your account verification in many systems.
  4. Rapidity. You can buy your virtual card in just a few clicks. The purchase takes less than a minute if you pay with Perfect Money (PM), and no more than 30 minutes in case you use one of the cryptocurrencies available for payments on the Bycard website. The customer receives the card a few minutes after the payment is finished, and when paying with a cryptocurrency, the card is made available a few minutes after the payment transaction is confirmed.
  5. Convenience of purchasing. Bycard virtual cards are sold automatically on-line. It makes the purchase process convenient, fast and accessible 24/7.
  6. A wide assortment. We offer a large selection of card values. You can always choose a desirable value for your particular purposes. There is no reason to worry about your payment on-line secrecy and safety.
  7. Convenience of using. Your card registration, balance check and statement are available any time on our Internet site.